Sunday, February 28, 2010

Are All Tablets Good For You?

It is somewhat sobering to read that Palm, the company behind the Pre and Pixi smartphones and heralded as a serious iPhone competitor only a year ago has warned that its sales for the year are likely to fall short of the projected target owing to the fact that its smartphones have failed to compete.

The return of the Tablet offers much but like 3D it has yet to deliver. It certainly will herald the rethinking, if not end, of those terrible ebook readers and their single application black and white world. Will the tablets been another transition of have they the legs to last a little longer? Mobile, screen and battery technology are certainly major factors and its also interesting to watch what will be the media or application driver.

This year promises many tablets. Some will be hard to swallow, others will not deliver the fix required but just like the eInk ‘lookie likies’ before them their will be many chancing their arm. Google, Mircosoft, HP, Sony, Samsung, LG, Dell and of course Apple will make their plays along with many smaller players such as Haleron, Freescale and the JooJoo. What will be the differentiator, the price, the applications, the media, the package, the look?

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