Saturday, October 03, 2009

Vook: Sounds Like?

When we heard of the release by Simon & Schuster of their Vook we were intrested to see it and understand how it linked multi media. The same night we were on Litopia After Dark and were asked to rebrand the 'book'.

The jury is still out on the Vook as far as the content is concerned but the name is a mess and certainly one to drop. What we can see from the clip above is interested but somehow lacks that cutting edge found in other multi media stories such as 'Inanimate Alice'.

It certainly isn't a video book trailer and all media is contained within the Vook which can also be downloaded directly onto an iPhone and viewed/read there. Today there are four titles available , two fiction and two nonfiction priced at $4.99. These are available a dedicated section of S&S's web site and Vook's site.

We wish them well and respect that they are thinking outside of the jacket.

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Here's a recent post that collected reviews and articles (with links) about the vook.
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