Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fancy an eRoll-up or a bit of Nookie?

Lately it feels like you turn your back for a minute and up pops another ebook reader and today is no exception.

AUO have announced a 6” flexible e-paper display which is claimed to be unbreakable and uses Sipix Microcup technology to enable the screen to be bent like real paper and display 16 levels of grayscale with 33% reflectance and a 9:1 contrast ration. Some impressive facts if you wish to bend it as you read it!

They have also announce the first 20” EDP (Electrophoretic Display ) panel, the largest ready for mass production and clearly aimed at the public display market. It too supports 16 levels of greyscale, and only requires less than 2W of power.

Also today more noise hits the streets on B&N’s ereader and no doubt by the time our flight reaches India and we connect the Nook will be fully disclosed. So we have the Vook, the Nook and the Book, but only one does what it says on the cover. Sometimes you wonder if the marketing guys ever think about the names they give devices. Can we can expect the French Connection ebook reader to be named ***K?

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