Thursday, October 08, 2009

Does Flash Have An iPhone Workaround?

We applauded the announced move to get Flash established across the smartphone world, even if this excluded the iPhone. This is not just about video, games, streaming, YouTube but about changing the current download model to a rent and media on demand and is world that must include books. We realise that the link may not be apparent to all today but it will be very shortly.

So how does Flash break into Appleworld?

It is now claimed that Adobe is planning a public beta release of Flash Professional CS5 that will enable developers to write or export apps built for the Flash runtime, to run on the iPhone as native apps. The new Flash Pro will effectively enable Flash apps on the iPhone without the Flash mobile runtime and uses open source to bury the native compilation element of a language interpreter deep into object code and in doing so conform to the rules in the iPhone developer program.

A number Flash games have already been developed for iPhone and have cleared for distribution this week through Apple's App Store. There are downsides to the approach but it is one step forward until Apple gets its act together.

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