Saturday, January 24, 2009

UK considers Broadband Levy on Piracy

Today we read of the impending major UK government report by Lord Carter the Communications Minister. The report looks at how ‘piracy’ should be tackled and one suggestion is to levy all broadband bills to compensate the losses of to film and music companies due to illegal downloads. The companies claim the illegal activity is costing them £1 billion.

Well not bail them out for their miss management. We have bailed out the banks for their ineptitude and bad judgement.

The big question is why a tax on everyone for the actions of some is right? Maybe people wish to support artists and ensure that they earn but propping up some of the music producers and perpetuating a model that doesn’t work isn’t the answer.

There are only two people that matter in the media value chains, the creator who puts in the intellectual property and the consumer who values and pays for it. Those in between, have to earn their place at the table and add value and sometimes in changing times, have to go or change. Propping them up with what is a false subsidy is merely delaying the inevitable. The UK poured bad money into the car industry in the 70s and it didn’t work. Handouts are easy but solutions are harder.
Please try again.

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