Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dell Adamo - Coming Soon

Dell has launched a web site to raise awareness for it’s upcoming Adamo. The site merely states ‘coming soon’.

The speculation in the market is that the Adamo is an ultraportable laptop squarely aimed at the Apple Macbook Air. Dell had earlier leaked out accessories available on its Web site for Adamo Thirteen, which it later deleted. The accessories included a 45 watt AC adaptor similar to the power adapter used in the MacBook Air, a DVD+/-RW slot drive which would indicate size constraints.

If Dell were to develop a ultraportable laptop that was light and importantly cheap in comparison to the Macbook Air then we could see a significant market shift towards notebooks and ultra light laptops.

All eyes now turn to the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which starts in a couple of days and is where announcements often get made.

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