Thursday, December 04, 2014

Amazon Retail Stays Online

It had been predicted that when Amazon acquired a 17 year lease at 7 West 34th Street opposite the Empire State Building and that it was going to finally come over to the other side and open up a retail store.

It was also mooted that it could be a 'call and collect' base for Manhattan customers, offering them same day collection of purchases. We have seen Amazon open up collection points within stores and with partners such as The Post Office in the UK, but to date they have not opened a dedicated one in their own name on the High Street. Frankly, why would they when they have plenty of others queuing up to service their needs.

Well Black Friday has come and gone followed by Black Monday and although the festive season is in full swing there is little sign of an Amazon retail operation in Manhattan. It is now widely reported that the 470,000-square-foot building has been designated as “primarily” corporate office space, and the ground floor retail shops will be subleased.

With the likes of Amazon it is fair to say that nothing is set in concrete and things will change, but for now the only thing Amazon apparently want on this High Street is an office and more free advertising.

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