Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Litopia After Dark: £1 Books – Fleecing The Writer Or Flogging A Dead Sheep?

Last Friday we were once again on that stimulating and provocative Litopia After Dark Pod broadcast. We even missed the beginning of the repeat of my father in law’s award winning film ‘Lost for Words’!

However the discussion panel was extremely thought provoking and made us think about the issues facing the market today a bit differently. They directly promoted us to write ‘Publishing’s Napster Moment Is Now’ article and we would recommended you to listen to the show.

Why are authors so angry with publishers? Why is Asda – the UK’s arm of Walmart – killing bookselling? Why don’t we learn from the newspaper business? And… why don’t we shoot armadillos?

The panels were Nic Alderton , Donna Ballman , Dave Bartram and myself under the stewardship of Peter Cox with Eve Harvey managing the chatroom.

To download the MP3 file

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