Monday, December 28, 2009

iSlate, iTablet iWant

Will they ,won’t they, is the question on everyone’s lips with respect to Apple and its tablet? After much talk it appears that it is now less of if and more a case of when. The latest predictions claim that Apple will bring the tablet to the market spotlight on 26th January in San Fransisco. The event would be at the same time as many would be at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which Apple does not attend.

Apple always refuses to comment on speculation so we must wait and see.

The rumours continue; will it be named iSlate, a name Apple have grabbed some time ago? Will it have a 10in, or a 7in screen?

Will users would be able to download applications produced by third-party developers onto the device just as they can for the iPhone.

The tablet PC offers everyone something and would appear to be perfect convergence platform and kill the emerging netbook, offer more than any eInk reader, offer a true screen for games and video and importantly offer style and economy. Will the iSlate be an iPhone plus, or replace the iTouch, or start to redefine the Mac Air, or even become the new mobile TV platform? The OLPC OX3 we wrote about last week clearly shows the desire for such a platform and they are not alone as many major names start to line up to offer tablets.

Apple has the music content in iTunes, they also have been in discussions with book publishers for content and are rumoured to be trying to do a deal with American TV companies Disney and CBS. Apple understand content and unlike players such as Sony know how to deliver a well rounded offer. The challenge is matching the cost, the service, the design and the expectation.

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