Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grindhouse Introduce Girlie Apps on iPhone

Wherever technology goes pornography in its many levels follows. Now Grindhouse Mobile has managed to get past the iPhone to slip in a couple of porn-star-branded applications.

The applications don’t show naked girls but act as appetizers, teasers to get users to subscribe to live updates via a premium service. There is a blog photos of semi clad girls who are promoted as ‘amatuers’!

Sunny Leone's a premium version is currently awaiting approval and apparently offers more features, photo sets. videos, games, blogs and ways to contact Sunny on our phone. Former Penthouse Pet, Aria Giovanni’s app is the second adult application developed by Grindhouse to be approved by Apple. Again the next version is pending approval and will include several new features, more content.

Grindhouse has closely followed Apple's strict guidelines while developing an offering that is ‘compelling and user friendly.’Grindhouse plans to present more as the industry finds its own inovative ways around any censorship issues.

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