Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ABC: Mobile Is A No Brainer

A survey from the Audit Bureau of Circulations reveals that print publishers are focusing on the Mobile market as a prime opportunity; to build their brand, reach new audiences, generate new revenue and offer advertisers locally targeted audiences.

ABC and its digital subsidiary, ABC Interactive, has some 4,000 members in North America and is a forum of the world's leading magazine and newspaper publishers, advertisers and advertising agencies. They recently conducted an online survey of its print publisher members. "Going Mobile: How Publishers Are Preparing for the Burgeoning Digital Market," offers an insight into some of the current initiatives in the mobile market.

The survey found that; over 80% of newspaper and magazine respondents believe users will increasingly become more reliant on mobiles as a primary information source in the next three years, 70% agree that mobile is receiving more attention at their publication this year than last, Over 66% believe their publication already has a mobile plan, 44% say that the devices increased visits by up to 10% today. 50% believe mobile traffic to their Web sites will increase by 5 to 25% in the next two years. So mobile is certainly on the agenda.

56% of senior executives have plans to develop a smartphone application in the next 24 months and 17% already have an app in production. However they do not plan to abandon print with 75% believing their publication will be available in a print form five years from now. Over 50% of thr respondents believe that the future business model of mobile content will be supported by both advertising and subscriptions and importantly 33% believe in the 3 next years that mobile will have a significant impact on their revenue.

To learn more, visit http://www.accessabc.com


Brian O'Leary said...

Nice post, Martyn. I had missed the report from ABC. Glad you're keeping up on the reading for all of us!

Brian O'Leary said...

You inspired me to post the report's findings, as well http://bit.ly/1ssiYG (thanks!)