Thursday, August 30, 2007


We now hear about the coming wars between the iPhone and the new Nokia phone. Both will hit the UK market later this year but both differ in their delivery channel. One says, download onto your PC and then transfer to your mobile, the other, download straight onto the mobile. The difference may seem minor to some but to the consumer may be enormous. Why mess about transferring stuff around when you can get it delivered direct to the device you want to hear it on?

Nokia has unveiled several new wireless devices and services, including a music-download offering to rival iTunes. Nokia has also announced new offerings focused at entertainment, games, along with the Nokia Music Store and the N-Gage mobile gaming service.

Apple is rumoured to be announcing a new iPod on Sept. 5. The new device is also rumoured to be very close to the iPhone in its screen and begs the question why they don’t just cut to the chase and merge the two.