Thursday, July 05, 2007

Digital News or Digital Noise

It is hardly surprising that we find ourselves scratching our heads when we read the news on digital publishing today. Are we reading real news or just hearing digital noise?

Journalists are trying to eke out the real stories, but find themselves bombarded by press releases that are often pure marketing spin with much noise and little substance. One commented on a story from BEA that they had covered with a basic one liner with, “I thought this could be important but didn’t really know why”. Another trade press release was covered by press both in the US and UK as significant development, yet to those who understood it was something that many could do today but just hadn’t bother to write a press release because it was neither new nor news.

It is hard enough for those in the industry to sift the vapourware, hype and spin from the real innovation and news. The Brave New World report and BA initiative was not just about researching the issues but also educating the market on the issues and landscape. It is important that this vital process not only moves forward to engage the market but continues to educate it too.