Wednesday, May 18, 2011

EIink resolution to Increase

Just as we write about the narrowing of the ereader device choices we have E Ink and Epson announcing a new 300 dpi high-resolution electronic paper device. They plan to increase screens from today’s 160dpi displays to 300dpi in displays, which measure 9.6” and will have a resolution of 2,400 by 1,650 pixels. Like existing eInk displays they will feature ultra-low power consumption and Epson will manufacturer and support a high-speed controller platform for the displays, using some of the high-speed image processing technology the company has developed for its photo-quality printers. As a result they claim that users will be able to turn pages on the new displays faster than existing ereaders.

The question is very much about whether eInk will expand past the ebook market? Although Amazon, B&N and Kobo have successfully used eInk technology as the cornerstone of their platforms it is questionable whether ebooks are now dependant on eInk or are becoming more widely accepted on other devices and especially tablets? If Amazon as rumoured were to introduce a Kindle Tablet what would that do to eInk readers?

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