Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Playboy Get a Hard Drive

Stuck for a Christmas present for that male boss, pal or partner?

Bondi Digital Publishing, is offering a very special gift for those looking for something special for that man in your life - every single copy ever published of Playboy magazine one bunny-logo bearing 250GB hard-drive. The issues go back 56 years, has 650 issues and over a 100,000 pages of mature reading going back to December 1953. You certainly would not need to buy another one and with stars such as Marilyn Monroe with and without staples who would want to?

The 2.5-inch USB-powered drive is slim enough to discreetly slip into your pocket, with only the bunny to give it away as something special.

It someone objects to the drive being 56 years of bunny loaded soft porn, tell them you are simply buying a piece of media history and some hard drive space as the magazines only take up 20% of the drive so the remaining 200MG is free to be used for other materials.
Price $299.95

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