Thursday, January 14, 2010

2020 Vision: Textbooks Must Be Digital

A new California law, Senate Bill 48, says any individual or company selling textbooks to the University of California, California State University or private colleges must make them available electronically by 2020.

So California and Governor Arnie are talking colleges, universities as well as schools. The question now is whether others will follow and pass digital deadlines in law?

The date is interesting as by 2020 the digital world will be considerably different than what we see today.

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Darrel Ince said...

While I think this is somewhat heavy handed and very Terminator-like it reflects my view that textbooks are much, much better suited to electronic delivery than other books and will lead the field. For example a textbook on calculus containing both text, sound podcasts and video podcasts would sweep the board and make the author(s) a lot of cash--a lot.