Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spotify App Approved for iPhone!

In a move many wished would happen but half expected not to happen Apple has approved the Spotify iPhone application.

We previously showed a video of the iphone app. and now wait with baited breath as it potentially starts to change music as we once consumed it and hope that it isn't a false call like the recent Android app.

The app is free on the app store but the user to have a premium Spotify subscription, which costs £10. It now has the opportunity to change the way we all listen to music on what is the largest digital music platform Apple.

For anyone who has been living on another planet this years the Swedish music streaming service offers a comprehensive, free library of millions of songs. The user selects their playlist and the music plays. Tonight we were listening to the brand new Neil Young Archive volume 1 and earlier today we had Antony and the Johnsons in the back ground as we worked.

Spotifty is different in that it actually questions the old ownership library rules and plays on demand. The model shifts from pay on consumption to one that is or subscription driven, giving the user choice free with ads or subscription without. The app on the iPhone even will stores the playlist so users can listen offline.

The service was launched last year and has more than two million users in the UK, and more than six million across Europe, with the US in its sights.Universal Music in Sweden claim that Spotify already generate it more revenue than iTunes.

Spotify is also ready to launch mobile phones running Google's Android software.

Roll over Beethoven!

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