Saturday, December 27, 2008

Review of our 2008 Predictions - 9. Gorillas

At the end of 2007 we made 10 predictions for 2008. Many predictions made have now been conveniently forgotten but we stand by our thinking at the time and believe it appropriate we openly review these individually and see what we think happened and assess them appropriately. Today we review the gorillas that entered the back yard in 2008.

9. Gorillas – Google, Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Amazon, Nokia etc. take your pick as they will all dictate how they see the world.
The Gorillas are now in the back yard in the form of say Amazon and on the front porch in the form of Google!

We were shocked but not surprised to see Microsoft pack up their bags and leave. They failed to deliver a model and some would say were merely following Google in search of the ad dollars. When Yahoo fell through they cut their losses and walked. It was fun to watch their non both at BEA and the queue of publishers ushered in one by one on strict appointment. Noah was certainly missing but the disastrous flood came later in the form of the court a settlement in the US.

We have written much and long on the Great Book Bank Robbery and Orphan works. It is often hard to understand why so many have stood back and failed to even voice a real opinion, but is a shame that the industry has been given away so cheaply. The one thing you think twice about is fighting a Gorilla.

Amazon meanwhile just went about their usual business consolidating Booksurge, Mobibook, Kindle, Search Inside and Audible into one comprehensive offer that now covers virtually all the basis.

We think 10 out of 10 for spotting the omnivores.

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