Friday, February 01, 2008

eRomance Fiction

A century of publishing should be cerebrated and whatever anyone thinks about the content of Mills & Boon’s books they have had a very successful 100 years. Staring as a general fiction publisher in 1908 it wasn’t until 1930 that they began to focus on romances. The figures speak for themselves 13.5m books a year, with regular readers getting through an average of four books a month with Harlequin Mills & Boon selling in more than 100 markets, in 26 languages, at a rate of one book every two seconds. They currently publish around 70 books a month in US and UK editions.

So why are they on this blog? They have taken bold steps to make their titles available as ebooks and have some 2000 titles digitally available in North America and each new tile is digitised as part of the programme. The UK programme is to launch soon.

Congratulation Mills and Boon