Monday, October 01, 2007

A New Dawn for Travel

BBC Worldwide has purchased travel Publisher Lonely Planet.
This should not be a shock to anyone and reflects that we are now moving into a true multi media where certain verticals will move in different direction and form different alliances. Travel has long been identified as a sector which has huge digital potential and where there was a need to think outside the jacket. This move clearly takes Lonely Planet outside the jacket and lines it up with one of the best brand leaders in the media and rights business.

One only needs to look at the branding and merchandising opportunities of the likes of Doctor Who to see where travel could benefit. Linking travel programmes, travel documentaries from the likes of Palin and eco-factual works such as ‘Living Planet’ present huge opportunities. The BBC now have a travel platform that covers all media and virtual all angles. We must also recognise that BBC Worldwide is the powerhouse and commercial arm behind much of what is changing in the BEEB.

The real question now is whether the Lonely Planet brand is wide enough to embrace all as it is or whether we will see a brand repositioning which can appeal to a wider audience than Lonely Planet enjoys today. One thing is certain is that we will hear much more about the Lonely Planet brand. The question now is whether others will step in to give it competition or whether we have witnessed a significant step change in Lonely Planet fortunes.